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"All my guys wear your vests.."

Kent G.


"By far, the best vest I have ever owned. After 15 years of land surveying in the wet, but beautiful Western Washington, no other vest compares to Safety Apparel's Party Chief vest. Over the last 6 years, The Party Chief vest has been ideal for work in the woods, on construction sites and even the 520 freeway widening project. It's a great vest for anyone in the construction industry!"
Jeff D.
Chief WA

"For over 8 years now, I have been wearing THE Party Chief vest that I purchased from Safety Apparel . This vest is very well made and is still holding up very well. This is not like any that I have purchased or seen before. It is not only comfortable, but it's also highly functional with all the multiple pockets. Each pocket has a Velcro closing that holds extremely well, and it is also equipped with fleece-lined pockets for extra warmth, all this while still meeting every safety standard. Thank you sir, for your efforts to help our survey community stay safe and effective."
Amanda C.

"I picked up one of Safety Apparel's yellow lightweight vests to replace my heavy, company-issued Class III safety vest since I work in the Arizona desert. Right off the bat, I found that the vest was very well constructed. The stitching was sound and the material was tough. The pockets were over sized to carry whatever I might wish to carry and covered with flaps to keep items from falling out when bending over. Passers-by have remarked at how well the vest stands out due to its high reflective colors. I’ve been working in the field as a land surveyor for over 30 years. I can certainly tell that this product was built by a land surveyor for land surveyors. I highly recommend this vest for any of my colleagues in the field."
Phil Fedor RLS
Party Chief / Assistant Project Manager
Bowman Consulting

"The lightweight Party Chief vest is my choice when working in hot climates.  It comes equipped with a nice lining on the neck which makes it a comfortable to wear even when the pockets are loaded with gear. It's practical in keeping your gear handy, keeps you noticeable, comfortable, and finally, it's a vest that looks good too."
Jenna H.
Laborer CA

"I like the Party Chief vest a lot! It is a great vest, best vest I have owned or used. I have just used the summer weight one so have the best vest on the market."
Nick B.

"The Party Chief vest works good and is very functional for my job. Great vest! Keep up the good work and thank you for your help"
Mike D.

"By far the best vest I've ever had in all my years in my construction career.  All the others out there are crap."
Boston, MA

"Dude, I just watched your video on the Party excited to get mine! I can't believe there's fleece in the hand pocket. Fuuuuzzz. hahahaha, that cracked me up!"....
Now that I have mine, I am loving the vest! This vest is so awesome! So many great features, and so well-made. Thanks for the size small custom vests for women! We will certainly spread the word among the wetland womenfolk, there are so many female wetland scientists here.
My friend Josh loves his new Party Chief, by the way!"
Darcey, Wetland Scientist

"I purchased some summer vest designs from Safety Apparel and my crews love them.  I even wear one myself here in southern GA, where it is very hot most of the year.  All the pockets are great inside and out. The back zipper pockets hold my water bottles, and the mesh back keeps me cool."
Jeff F.

"Those vests are awesome. My Party Chief even demands a hanger when he takes it off every day. I appreciate the quality."
R. W.
Howard, GA

"We are all surveying for Pipeline work in Sioux Falls. My heavy duty Party Chief vest is doing well. Everyone on my crew has a Party Chief vest, some with the Pipeliner Trash patch, and they are in top shape!"
Derrick H.
Chief SD

"Thank you for your shipment from Safety Apparel. The vest and gloves fit perfectly! Even the large gloves, I'll wear them over my winter gloves when it's cold. I love all your safety gear, and I'll pass the word around!
Thanks again!!"
Donna H.
Seattle, WA

"I'm still up in South Dakota wearing the bad ass Party Chief survey vest.  The best part about the vest is ALL the pockets.  It makes carrying everything so much easier!!"
Jesse G.

"I have been working construction for 35 years, 27 of those years as a Construction Site Manager.  During the past 10 or 12 years all the job sites I have been working at require site personnel to wear safety vests.  As a site manager, the typical safety vest did not meet my needs in its ability to hold the plans, specification, radios, cell phone, iPad, marking paint, pens, etc. Your vest meets the safety requirements, holds all required equipment VERY comfortably, and provides balance to the vest while using it. It's Awesome!!

   Whenever anyone who sees this vest in service for the first time, they say that the Party Chief vest is a nicely equipped vest and it really looks sturdy. I tell them it’s the very best vest I have ever owned.


   I am also a Chief in a combination Volunteer and career fire department and this year we ran into a new challenge with equipment we need when we are wearing street vests for our ISC Command operations. Most vests are weak or they are not able to balance the equipment when you’re wearing the vest; stuff falls out or rips the pockets. So I decided to bring my work vest home and try it out with my fire dept. dual radio equipment, that we are required to carry, along with recorders, cell phones, iPad, documents, cameras, pens, and pads, depending on the event or operation at task. We can end up wearing our vests for days fully loaded.  You should think about getting to this market with your great product;  however there would be color changes needed for the vest.  I am using my lime green vest now, but we are still looking for the proper color for the command vest that we need.  If you ever get into fire service vest designs please contact me and I will be the first to buy and preach your product to the fire service, as I already do in the construction business."

Randall Gartner